A New Realm Awaits: Tarisland’s Pre-Registration Journey Begins


Tarisland, the latest fantasy MMORPG from Tencent, has officially opened its doors for pre-registration on Android and iOS platforms. This marks a pivotal moment for fans of the genre, who are eagerly anticipating the game’s full release.


A Non-Pay-to-Win Promise

Initially announced last April, Tarisland captured attention with its commitment to a non-pay-to-win experience. This player-centric approach was further highlighted during multiple tests, including a closed beta in China and early access for Android users.

Visuals and Gameplay

The game boasts a classic fantasy art style, complete with challenging dungeons and a robust class and talent system. Players can explore 40 unique talents, tailoring their characters to their play style.

The Crossplay Advantage

Tarisland’s cross-platform functionality means seamless transitions between PC and mobile gaming. Whether at home or on the move, the adventure continues without interruption.

Pre-Registration Perks

Gamers can now visit the Google Play Store or App Store to pre-register for Tarisland. While the official release date is not yet announced, hints suggest a launch on June 14, 2024.

The Road Ahead

As the gaming community buzzes with anticipation, Tarisland stands poised to redefine the MMORPG landscape. With its player-first philosophy and crossplay capabilities, the game is set to embark on an epic journey.

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Jennifer Dixon

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