How to Make Rainy Day Recycled Fabric Maracas Shakers for Kids: A Fabric Ninja Tutorial

fabric maracas shakers

Embrace the creativity and fun with your kids on rainy days by creating these recycled fabric maracas shakers. In this article, you will find easy steps and tips to engage your little ones in a craft project that involves repurposing everyday materials. Get ready for a lively dance party and educational moments as you explore Mexican culture through these colorful and musical DIY instruments. Follow along for a memorable and entertaining indoor activity that will keep your kids engaged and excited. Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways:

  • Fun and Educational: This craft activity provides a fun and educational experience for kids.
  • Recycling and Repurposing: Encourage creativity and sustainability by utilizing recycled materials for the craft.
  • Enhances Fine Motor Skills: Making the maracas/shakers aids in developing fine motor skills in children.
  • Music and Movement: Promotes music appreciation and offers an opportunity for a dance party with the created shakers.
  • Creative Add-Ons: Provide additional learning opportunities such as exploring Mexican culture, arts, and crafts.

Supplies Needed

Plastic drink container

If you’re using a plastic drink container for the maracas, ensure that the lid cannot easily pop off to prevent any mess. Options like plastic water bottles, soda pop bottles, or medicine bottles can work well for this project. It’s important to check that the container is dry inside before proceeding, especially if it previously held a moist substance. Removing the label can be a fun task for your little ones to engage in.

Noise-making materials

There’s a variety of noise-making materials you can choose from to fill the containers with, such as plastic pony beads, wooden beads, popcorn kernels, rice, shelled corn, or dried beans. These materials will create the rattling sound when the maracas are shaken. Letting your kids choose the pieces they want inside and guiding them to adjust the sound till it sounds perfect can make the activity more engaging and personalized for them.


Understanding the importance of decorations in making the maracas visually appealing, involve your kids in decorating the containers with paper, tape, or sticky labels. You can use this opportunity to show them images of Mexican art for inspiration or encourage them to include specific shapes they are learning about. It’s a great way to combine creativity with learning.

fabric maracas shakers

Step-by-Step Instructions

Prepare the container

  • You will need a plastic drink container for each child, such as a plastic water bottle or soda pop bottle. Make sure the lids are secure and cannot easily come off.
  • Next, remove any labels from the containers and ensure they are clean and dry inside. This step is crucial to avoid any unwanted moisture or residue in the maracas.

Add noise-making materials

Now, gather small and hard noise-making materials such as plastic pony beads, wooden beads, rice, or dried beans. Let the children choose the items they want to put inside the container for their unique sound.

For added variety, you can explore different combinations of materials to achieve various sounds and effects in the maracas. This step encourages creativity and allows the children to customize their musical instruments to their liking.

Seal the container

After adding the noise-making materials, securely seal the container by either taping the lid on or using super glue. This ensures that the contents stay inside during the shaking and dancing activities.

By properly sealing the containers, you prevent any potential messes or spills while the children enjoy playing with their homemade maracas. This step also enhances the durability of the instruments for repeated use.

Decorate the container

Encourage the children to decorate the containers using paper, tape, markers, or any other craft supplies they prefer. This personalization adds a fun and colorful touch to the maracas, making them even more enjoyable to play with.

Allowing the kids to express their creativity through decorating the containers fosters a sense of ownership and pride in their craft project. Furthermore, it makes the maracas visually appealing and engaging for the little ones.

Additional Activities and Value-Added Moments

Mexican art inspiration

For inspiration, show your kids images of Mexican art to spark their creativity and encourage them to incorporate vibrant colors and intricate patterns into their maraca decorations. This cultural touch will not only enhance their artistic skills but also broaden their knowledge and appreciation of different art forms.

Shape learning integration

For an added educational element, ask your kids to include specific shapes they are learning about in school in their maraca designs. This integration of shape learning into a fun craft activity will reinforce their understanding of geometric shapes while allowing them to express their creativity through art.

Plus, this activity provides a hands-on approach to shape recognition and an opportunity for children to practice identifying and replicating various shapes in a fun and engaging way.

Color mixing exploration

For an interactive learning experience, encourage your kids to experiment with color mixing while decorating their maracas. By blending different colors together, they can observe how new colors are created, fostering their understanding of color theory and artistic expression.

Mexican culture is known for its vibrant and bold color palette, so this exploration can also tie back to the Mexican theme of the craft, allowing children to immerse themselves in the rich colors of Mexican art and traditions.

Dance party and music exploration

For a lively and engaging conclusion to the craft session, start a dance party with the newly created maracas as your kids shake along to the beat. Play Mariachi music or watch videos of flamenco dancing to further enhance the cultural experience and introduce them to different styles of music and dance.

To extend the musical exploration, you can also introduce other traditional Mexican instruments or discuss the significance of music in Mexican culture. This multi-sensory activity not only promotes creativity and fine motor skills but also fosters an appreciation for diverse art forms and traditions.

Final Words

The rainy day recycled fabric maracas/shakers for kids tutorial provided by Fabric Ninja is a fun and engaging way to keep your little ones entertained on gloomy days. By using simple materials like plastic drink containers, noise-making items, and decorations, you can create a musical instrument that will provide hours of entertainment. The tutorial also includes valuable tips on how to involve your children in the creative process, from choosing the filling for the shaker to decorating the container.

The step-by-step instructions, along with additional suggestions for incorporating educational elements like Mexican art and music, make this activity a well-rounded experience for both you and your kids. So the next time you’re stuck indoors on a rainy day, grab some plastic bottles and get ready to shake things up with your own homemade maracas!


Q: What materials are needed to make Rainy Day Recycled Maracas/Shakers for Kids?

A: You will need plastic drink containers, noise-making items like plastic beads or rice, decorations such as paper or tape, and bottle seals like tape or super glue.

Q: Are there any limitations to consider when making these maracas?

A: Small parts are involved, so be cautious if kids still eat things. Ensure the lids of the containers are securely sealed to prevent any accidents.

Q: Can this craft activity be considered educational?

A: Yes, you can incorporate learning by showing images of Mexican art for inspiration, asking kids to include specific shapes they are learning, or experimenting with color mixing.

Q: How can music and movement be integrated into this activity?

A: After making the maracas, have a shaking dance party to enjoy the sound they produce. You can also play Mariachi music, watch flamenco dancing videos, or make it a theme by discussing other musical instruments.

Q: Is this craft suitable for group activities or parties?

A: Yes, this craft is great for parties as it’s easy to do, involves recycling materials, and results in loud and fun shakers. It can be a hit at gatherings for kids to enjoy.

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