Zozo Suit Plus-Size Review

Zozo Suit Plus

With the worldwide release of the Zozo Suit, you may be wondering if this innovative custom measurement tool is worth the hype. As one of the lucky few to try it out, let me guide you through my experience and provide you with insights on how the Zozo Suit can revolutionize the way you shop for clothing and track your fitness progress. Strap in as we examine into the world of personalized measurements and custom clothes with the Zozo Suit.

Overview of Zozo Suit

Suit Features

While the Zozo Suit may seem like a regular piece of clothing, it is packed with features that make it a cutting-edge tool for custom measurements. With thumb holes and stirrups to keep it in place, the suit ensures accurate measurements by marking points with small dots at the neck, wrists, and ankles. These points are crucial for the accompanying app to accurately track your body measurements.

Initial Experience with Suit and App

Overview, if you were one of the lucky few to receive the Zozo Suit, your initial experience might have had its ups and downs. With the suit being too tight for some users, like yourself, accurate measurements might have been a challenge. Additionally, the app’s sensitivity to lighting and reliance on audio commands could have posed obstacles, especially if you are hard of hearing or deaf. However, by following specific steps like ensuring the dots are level and using good lighting, you were able to navigate through the measuring process.

Tips for Getting Accurate Measurements

Even when using the Zozo Suit and app, it’s important to follow these tips to ensure accurate measurements:

  • Make sure the white dots on the suit are level and on the right points of your body.
  • If the suit is too tight, you may be compressed and get inaccurate numbers.
  • Good lighting is key – natural outdoor light works best for accurate measurements.
  • Take your measurements several times and compare them to ensure consistency.

Zozo Suit Plus

Proper Suit Fit

On ensuring a proper fit for accurate measurements, it is crucial to follow the fit guidelines provided by the Zozo Suit. Recognizing that wearing the suit too tight may affect the measurements, make sure the suit fits comfortably for the best results.

App Usage Tips

With the Zozo app, there are some important tips to keep in mind to ensure accurate measurements. Knowing how to use the app correctly can make a significant difference in the outcome of your custom measurements.

  • Ensure a quiet environment for precise audio commands to be heard.
  • Know the specific points where the white dots on the suit should be placed for accurate measurements.

Suit up with the Zozo Suit according to the fit guidelines provided to prevent inaccurate measurements due to compression.

With the Zozo app, it is crucial to follow the app usage tips for the best results in obtaining your custom measurements.

Communication with Zozo Company

It is important to keep an open line of communication with the Zozo Company when experiencing issues with the Zozo Suit. After reaching out to them about the sizing problem, you should expect to receive a timely response from their customer service team.

Resolution for Suit Size Issue

The Zozo Company has acknowledged the mistake in sending the wrong size suit and has taken prompt action to rectify the situation. You can expect them to send you the correct size suit, ensuring that you can proceed with accurate measurements for custom clothing orders.

Future Plans for Ordering Custom Clothes

With the new suit on its way, you can now look forward to ordering custom clothes with confidence. Make sure to follow the recommended steps for taking accurate measurements to ensure a perfect fit for your personalized clothing items. Once you have the correct measurements, you can proceed with ordering custom clothing through the Zozo app and enjoy a wardrobe tailored specifically to your size and preferences.

Summing up

Now that you have seen the journey of trying out the Zozo Suit for plus-size measurements, it’s important to remember the key takeaways for getting the best results. Make sure to wear the suit properly, ensure good lighting for accurate measurements, and take your time to position the dots correctly. If you encounter any issues with the app or fitting of the suit, don’t hesitate to reach out to the company for assistance and replacements if needed.

By following these tips and considering the feedback provided in this review, you can make the most out of your Zozo Suit experience and look forward to ordering custom clothing that fits you perfectly. Note, getting the right size suit and taking accurate measurements are crucial steps in making the most of this innovative technology for personalized fashion and tracking progress in your fitness journey. Stay tuned for updates on the author’s experience with the correct size suit and further insights on using the Zozo Suit for plus-size measurements.


Q: What is the Zozo Suit?

A: The Zozo Suit is a custom measurement suit that, when used with an accompanying app, takes precise body measurements for ordering custom clothing.

Q: How does the Zozo Suit work?

A: The Zozo Suit is worn and paired with an app on a phone. The suit has specific points marked with dots that the app uses to take measurements.

Q: What are some tips for using the Zozo Suit?

A: Tips for using the Zozo Suit include ensuring the suit is not too tight, having good lighting for accurate measurements, and making sure the dots are aligned properly.

Q: What if the Zozo Suit is too tight?

A: If the Zozo Suit is too tight, it can compress the body and lead to inaccurate measurements. Contacting the Zozo company for a larger size is recommended.

Q: What should I do if I experience difficulties with the Zozo Suit app?

A: If you encounter issues with the Zozo Suit app, such as crashes or difficulty hearing instructions, it is suggested to seek assistance from someone who can help with the measuring process.

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