Hyrox Launches Comprehensive Training Ecosystem for Gyms Worldwide


Global fitness race brand Hyrox has taken a significant stride by introducing Hyrox365, a comprehensive training and education ecosystem designed for gym operators and coaches worldwide. This initiative aims to empower gyms to offer specialized training for athletes preparing to participate in Hyrox fitness races. Let’s dive into the details of this exciting development.


Hyrox365: The All-In-One Solution

  • Hyrox Training Clubs: All 2,500 Hyrox-affiliated gyms will now become official Hyrox Training Clubs. These clubs will receive exclusive access to an all-encompassing training experience, including the newly launched Hyrox Group Training program.
  • Hyrox Group Training: This cross-functional workout program combines endurance, strength endurance, power, and aerobic capacity. It prepares athletes for the unique challenges of Hyrox races, often referred to as the “Marathon of Fitness.”
  • Fiit Partnership: Hyrox has partnered with Fiit, a UK-based digital fitness platform. Fiit’s white-label solution, the Hyrox365 Performance Hub, streamlines fitness programming for gym owners. It provides access to daily Hyrox workouts, class tutorials, educational videos, and marketing resources.
  • Centr Collaboration: Centr, the fitness and wellness platform launched by actor Chris Hemsworth, also contributes to the Hyrox365 ecosystem. Their combined efforts aim to deliver a world-class product for fitness operators, coaches, and personal trainers.

Why Hyrox365 Matters

  • Race-Ready Athletes: Hyrox races involve a series of one-kilometer runs interspersed with functional movements like ski erg, sled push, sled pull, and burpee broad jumps. Proper training is essential for athletes to excel in these demanding events.
  • Growing Competitor Base: In 2023, Hyrox had approximately 125,000 race participants. This year, they expect to double that number. Founder and CEO Christian Toetzke envisions a future where one million competitors participate in Hyrox events annually.
  • Positioning Against CrossFit: By integrating Hyrox365 within gyms and fitness clubs, Hyrox aims to compete with CrossFit. Similar to CrossFit’s licensing model, Hyrox’s ecosystem allows gyms to offer specialized training under the Hyrox brand.


Hyrox365 represents a significant leap forward for the fitness industry. With Fiit and Centr as partners, Hyrox is poised to revolutionize training for athletes worldwide. As the global fitness community unites around Hyrox, we can expect more race-ready athletes and an even more exhilarating marathon fitness experience.

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Jennifer Dixon

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