Tula Explore Review: The Innovative Baby Carrier

Tula Explore Review

Just like the Tula Explore, you’re looking for a baby carrier that offers versatility and comfort for you and your little one. In this review, we’ll examine the features of the Tula Explore, including its unique ability to forward face, adjustable panel width, and convenient headrest. Whether you’re a babywearing enthusiast or a new parent exploring carrier options, join me as we explore the innovative design and functionality of the Tula Explore.

Background on Forward Facing Debate

While exploring the features of the Explore Baby Carrier, it is important to examine into the background of the ongoing debate surrounding forward facing positions in baby carriers. As you consider the functionality of the carrier, understanding the context and differing perspectives within the babywearing community can provide valuable insight.

Concerning the topic of forward facing, opinions vary widely within the babywearing community. Some advocate for the practice, emphasizing the benefits of engagement and exploration for the child. However, others raise concerns about the potential negative impacts on a baby’s hip development and overall comfort.

It is vital to be aware of the history and evolution of forward facing carriers. The initial criticism stemmed from so-called “crotch-dangler” style carriers, which failed to provide adequate support for a baby’s hips and positioning. As ergonomic designs emerged, efforts were made to address these concerns and create safer options for forward facing.

Considering the Tula Explore’s introduction of forward facing capabilities, it is important to acknowledge the mixed reactions within the babywearing community. Some enthusiasts who have long supported Tula’s previous stance against forward facing may feel conflicted or even disappointed by this new offering. This internal debate reflects the broader conversation surrounding the safety and appropriateness of forward facing in baby carriers.

Tula Explore Review

Features of the Tula Explore

Adjustable Panel Width

Some of the standout features of the Tula Explore include the adjustable panel width, allowing for a great knee-to-knee fit on babies of various sizes. The panel can be easily adjusted by snapping it to the right width along a wide piece of webbing. This feature eliminates the need for an infant insert, providing added convenience and comfort for both you and your little one.

Headrest/Neck Pillow

Little ones who love to nap while being carried will benefit from the headrest/neck pillow included in the Tula Explore. This feature is especially handy for babies who dislike traditional sleeping hoods. The adjustable pillow extends the height of the carrier, ensuring a longer wearable time frame for your growing child.

Width adjustment, You can easily adjust the width of the Tula Explore carrier to provide a comfortable fit for your baby.

Hood Design

Even the hood design of the Tula Explore is thoughtfully crafted for convenience and functionality. The flat hood features elastic sides and attached reach-straps with snaps for easy attachment to the shoulder studs. The hood is both removable and height adjustable, offering flexibility to suit your child’s needs.

To ensure a snug fit and maximum comfort for your little one, the hood design of the Tula Explore allows for adjustable height settings and easy attachment methods.

Shoulder Straps

With the Tula Explore, you’ll find that the shoulder straps are slightly smaller in width compared to other carriers on the market. This design feature may appeal to those with a smaller frame, providing a comfortable fit without sacrificing padding or support.

If you have a smaller frame, you may appreciate the slightly smaller shoulder strap width of the Tula Explore, while still enjoying ample padding for added comfort.


Some may find the inclusion of a small pocket on the front of the waistband of the Tula Explore to be less useful. However, you have the option to add on aftermarket pockets or accessories like the Go Everywhere Pouch or the Infinity Tie-Strap Tote Bags for added storage and functionality.

Plus, if you prefer additional storage options, you can easily customize your Tula Explore with aftermarket pockets and accessories to suit your needs and preferences.

Comparisons and Recommendations

Forward Facing Options Alternative Carrier Options
  • Once again, the Tula Explore stands out with its forward facing capabilities, allowing your baby to explore the world around them.
  • However, it’s important to be cautious with this feature and ensure your child is comfortable and supported when forward facing.
  • Remember to keep sessions short and always monitor your baby’s comfort level.
  • Some alternative carrier options to consider if you’re not keen on forward facing include the Tula Free-To-Grow or an Infant Kinderpack.
  • These carriers do not require an infant insert and provide a comfortable fit for your little one.
  • Lillebaby is another excellent choice that works without an insert, although it may require adjustments for forward facing.

Forward Facing Options

Some alternative carrier options to consider if you’re not keen on forward facing include the Tula Free-To-Grow or an Infant Kinderpack. These carriers do not require an infant insert and provide a comfortable fit for your little one.

Alternative Carrier Options

Options like the Tula Free-To-Grow or an Infant Kinderpack are great alternatives if you prefer not to have forward facing capabilities in your carrier. These options provide a secure and comfortable fit for your baby without the need for additional inserts, giving you peace of mind during your babywearing journey.


On the whole, the Tula Explore proves to be an innovative and versatile option for babywearing. With its ability to forward face and easily adjust between different carrying positions, it offers convenience and adaptability for both parent and child. While the debate around forward facing may continue in the babywearing community, the Tula Explore provides a well-rounded solution that caters to different preferences and needs.

If you are considering investing in a baby carrier that offers various carrying options, adjustable features, and comfort for both you and your little one, the Tula Explore could be a suitable choice. Its combination of ergonomic design elements and practical functionalities make it a strong contender in the baby carrier market. Remember to always prioritize safety and comfort when babywearing, and consult with experts or groups for additional guidance on using your carrier effectively.


Q: What makes the Tula Explore different from the Original Tula carrier?

A: The Tula Explore is the first carrier in the Tula line to allow forward facing, in addition to inward facing. It also features adjustable panel width, eliminating the need for an infant insert.

Q: Is forward facing safe for babies in the Tula Explore carrier?

A: Forward facing is safe for babies who have good head support and are in the weight range of 13-22 lbs. It is not recommended for sleeping and should be done in short sessions to avoid overstimulation.

Q: What are some adjustments required to switch from inward to outward facing in the Tula Explore?

A: To switch to forward facing in the Tula Explore, move the side panels to the center buttons, snap the headrest down, and adjust the seat width to the widest setting for optimal comfort.

Q: Are there any controversies surrounding the ability to forward face in the Tula Explore carrier?

A: Some members of the babywearing community have expressed concerns about forward facing due to past safety issues with crotch-dangler style carriers. However, the Tula Explore is designed to provide ergonomic support for forward facing when used correctly.

Q: What are some alternative baby carriers to consider if one does not wish to forward face with the Tula Explore?

A: Alternatives to forward facing with the Tula Explore include the Tula Free-To-Grow carrier and the Infant Kinderpack, both of which do not require an infant insert. Lillebaby carriers also offer options without an insert, though some adjustments may be needed for forward facing.

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