A New Era in Wellness: Infinity’s Strategic Expansion into Franchising


Miami’s trailblazing wellness brand, Infinity Beyond Fitness, is embarking on a bold journey to transform the health and fitness landscape. With a visionary approach that integrates training, nutrition, and recovery, Infinity is not just a gym—it’s a holistic wellness hub.

The Visionary Behind the Movement

At the heart of Infinity’s expansion is the strategic addition of Dan Monaghan, an industry titan with a storied history of franchising. Monaghan’s expertise is set to catapult Infinity into a new realm of growth, making holistic health accessible to communities nationwide.

Monaghan’s role as an investor and advisor is pivotal, marking a milestone moment for Infinity. His passion for innovation and his track record of scaling businesses align seamlessly with Infinity’s mission to revolutionize wellness.


A Comprehensive Approach to Health

Infinity’s philosophy is simple yet profound: offer a comprehensive wellness experience that transcends traditional fitness regimes. Their unique Variable Intensity Interval Training (VIIT), coupled with personalized nutrition guidance and recovery solutions, offers a 360-degree approach to health.

  • Training: tailored programs that cater to individual fitness levels and goals.
  • Nutrition: Expert advice to fuel the body for optimal performance and recovery.
  • Recovery: state-of-the-art therapies, including infrared cocoon pods and hydromassage lounges.

The Franchise Opportunity

The franchising initiative presents a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs passionate about health and wellness. Infinity’s business model promises a boutique studio experience with multiple revenue streams, appealing to those looking to make a difference in their community’s health.

The initial franchise fee stands at $50,000, with a total investment ranging from $550,570 to $1,284,250. This investment opens doors to a burgeoning market eager for a holistic approach to wellness.

Infinity’s expansion is more than just business growth—it’s a movement towards a healthier, more connected society. The brand’s commitment to transforming lives, one community at a time, is a testament to the power of a well-rounded approach to wellness.

As Infinity Beyond Fitness ramps up its franchising plans, it sets a new standard for what it means to be fit—inside and out.

Written by
Peter Walker

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