EA to lay off some staff after closing two mobile games

Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts, one of the leading video game publishers in the world, has announced that it will lay off a small number of staff following the shutdown of two of its mobile games, MLB Tap Sports Baseball and F1 Mobile Racing. The decision was made after a careful evaluation of the performance and potential of these titles, which were no longer profitable or sustainable for the company.

Electronic Arts

EA thanks its partners and fans for their support

In a statement released on February 23, 2024, EA expressed its gratitude to its partners and fans who have played and enjoyed these games and said that it did not take the decision lightly. EA also thanked the MLB, MLBPA, OneTeam Partners, and MLBPAA for their close and valuable partnership on the MLB Tap Sports Baseball franchise, which was acquired from Glu Mobile in 2023. EA also reaffirmed its commitment to the F1 franchise, saying that the closure of F1 Mobile Racing has no impact on the console and PC F1 games, which are developed by Codemasters.

EA Sports MLB Tap Sports Baseball and F1 Mobile Racing to sunset on May 24, 2024

Both games will cease to operate on May 24, 2024, and will no longer offer in-app purchases or be available on the app stores. Players who have already downloaded the games will be able to continue playing them until the sunset date, but will not receive any updates or support. EA has advised players to use up their remaining in-game currency and items before the games are shut down.

EA faces competition and challenges in the mobile gaming market

The closure of these two games reflects the competitive and challenging nature of the mobile gaming market, where only a few titles can dominate the charts and generate revenue. EA has been trying to expand its presence and portfolio in the mobile space with acquisitions of Glu Mobile and Playdemic and partnerships with Zynga and Nintendo. However, EA has also faced criticism and backlash from some fans and gamers, who accuse the company of focusing too much on microtransactions, loot boxes, and live services and neglecting the quality and innovation of its games.

EA hopes to bounce back with new and existing titles

Despite the setback, EA remains optimistic and confident about its future in the mobile gaming industry, and it has several new and existing titles in the pipeline. Some of the upcoming games include Apex Legends Mobile, Battlefield Mobile, Need for Speed: No Limits, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, and The Sims Mobile. EA also plans to leverage its popular franchises and IPs, such as FIFA, Madden, and Mass Effect, to create more engaging and immersive mobile experiences for its fans and players.

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