A Clash in the Virtual World: Gaming Influencer Maxtern Faces Assault


In a shocking turn of events, the gaming community is rocked by a controversy involving two of its prominent figures. Sagar Thakur, known as Maxtern, a revered name in the gaming creator sphere, has been embroiled in a serious altercation with Elvish Yadav, a personality famed for his stint on the reality show Bigg Boss.

The incident that has captured the attention of the digital world began with what seemed like harmless online banter. Maxtern’s social media activity, involving a series of memes directed at Elvish Yadav, escalated quickly when Yadav responded with a veiled threat. This exchange set the stage for a confrontation that would soon exceed the boundaries of the internet.

A Confrontation Escalates

The virtual dispute took a physical turn when both influencers agreed to meet in Gurgaon. Maxtern’s journey to the meeting spot was documented on social media, but what followed has raised concerns across the community. A video surfaced showing a physical altercation where Maxtern alleges he was outnumbered and attacked by Yadav and his associates.


The severity of the incident cannot be understated, as Maxtern accused Yadav of not just assault but of issuing death threats. The gaming creator’s call for justice questions the absence of more serious charges, hinting at possible influence and protection from higher powers.

The Aftermath and Public Reaction

The altercation has not only left the gaming community in shock but has also sparked a debate on the influence of social media personalities and their responsibility towards their audience. The incident has led to a divide, with various influencers and YouTubers publicly choosing sides.

The legal implications are just beginning to unfold, with an FIR registered and the authorities involved. The community awaits a resolution, hoping for a fair outcome that will set a precedent for online and offline conduct among public figures.

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