Google Introduces AI Security Add-On for Workspace: Boosting User Security


In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), tech giants like Google are racing to innovate and monetize their AI investments. The latest addition to Google’s arsenal is an AI security add-on for its Workspace productivity suite, designed to enhance user security and protect sensitive information.


AI Classification: Safeguarding Important Documents

Google’s new AI classification feature is available as an add-on for both Workspace Business and Workspace Enterprise plans. Priced at an additional $10 per user per month, this service automatically classifies critical documents within organizations. Its purpose? To prevent accidental sharing, unauthorized copying, or inadvertent leaks of sensitive data.

Yulie Kwon Kim, Google Workspace VP of product management, explains the significance of this feature: “We use this AI classification here at Google, and it helps us identify and categorize 900 million internal files. So, this has boosted our data protection capabilities, improved accuracy, dramatically increased coverage, and saved team members valuable time. It addresses a common challenge faced by every organization.”

A Proactive Approach to Security

While rival Microsoft has grappled with security vulnerabilities in its Exchange service, Google Workspace has maintained a clean record. In 2022, one in three of the most exploited vulnerabilities were found in Microsoft Exchange, affecting numerous businesses. In contrast, Google Workspace remained unscathed, with zero such incidents. This stark difference underscores Google’s commitment to proactive security measures.

Beyond AI Classification: Tackling Spam in Gmail

Google isn’t stopping at AI classification. The company also employs large language models—the backbone of today’s generative AI platforms—to combat spam in Gmail. Although this service, referred to as AI anti-threat defense software, was rolled out in late 2023, Google chose to announce it during its recent Google Cloud Next developers conference. By using this technology internally, Google ensures its effectiveness before sharing it with users.


As AI continues to shape our digital landscape, Google’s strategic move to monetize its AI investments through security enhancements demonstrates its commitment to user safety. The AI classification add-on for Workspace is a step toward a more secure and efficient digital workspace.

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Jennifer Dixon

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