Honkai Star Rail welcomes new characters and planet in 2.0 update


Honkai Star Rail, the popular free-to-play RPG from HoYoverse, is getting ready to launch its 2.0 update on February 6, 2024. The update, titled If One Dreams At Midnight, will introduce a new story arc, new characters, new events, and system optimizations.


Penacony: the Planet of Festivities

The 2.0 update will take players to Penacony, a planet that was once a frontier prison but has now become a place of celebration and mystery. The crew of the Astral Express has been invited by the Family, the powerful rulers of the planet, to stay at their interstellar hotel, the Reverie. However, not everything is as it seems, and the players will have to uncover the secrets behind Penacony’s history and the family’s motives.

The Penacony story arc will span from version 2.0 to 2.2, with epilogues in version 2.3. The update will also feature new missions, relics, enemies, and bosses related to the new realm.

Black Swan, Sparkle, and Misha: the new stars of the rail

The 2.0 update will also debut three new playable characters: Black Swan, Sparkle, and Misha. Black Swan is a 5-star female Memokeeper who can inflict a special damage-over-time effect called Arcana on her enemies. Sparkle is a 5-star woman who can assume various identities and boost her team’s performance with her skills. Misha is a 4-star young doorman who dreams of exploring the stars and deals more damage as his team expends Skill Points.

In addition to these newcomers, two 5-star characters from the previous Xianzhou Luofu story arc, Imbibitor Lunae, and Jing Yuan, will return in the event warp banners of the 2.0 update.


Gift of Stellarium, Dreamjolt TV, and more: the events of the 2.0 update

The 2.0 update will also bring a variety of events for players to enjoy and earn rewards from. Some of the events are:

  • Gift of Stellarium: a login event that grants players Stellarium, the premium currency of the game, as well as other items.
  • Gift of Odyssey: a daily mission event that rewards players with Odyssey Coins, which can be exchanged for character shards, relics, and other goodies.
  • Penacony Food Fest is a cooking event that lets players collect ingredients and recipes to make delicious dishes and earn rewards.
  • Hanu’s Prison Break is a mini-game event that involves helping Hanu, a cute critter, escape from Reverie’s prison and collect coins and items along the way.
  • Dreamjolt TV is a video event that showcases the new characters and features of the 2.0 update as well as provides codes for free rewards.
  • Dreamchaser Bulletin: a news event that updates players on the latest developments and happenings in the Penacony realm.
  • Planar Fissure is a challenging event that pits players against powerful enemies in different stages and difficulties.
  • Garden of Plenty is a farming event that lets players grow and harvest crops and exchange them for rewards.

System optimizations and gameplay updates

The 2.0 update will also improve the game’s performance and user experience with various system optimizations and gameplay updates. Some of the changes are:

  • Improved graphics and loading speed for PC and PS5 versions.
  • Added auto-save and cloud sync features for cross-platform play.
  • Added voice-over and subtitles for all characters and dialogues.
  • Added new light cones, relics, and skills for existing characters.
  • Adjusted the difficulty and rewards of some missions and events.
  • Fixed some bugs and glitches reported by players.

The 2.0 update of Honkai Star Rail is expected to be a major milestone for the game, as it will bring new content, characters, and features for players to enjoy. The update will be available for download on PC, PS5, iOS, and Android devices on February 6, 2024.

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