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New Students Join the Adventure in Blue Archive’s Latest Event Story

Blue Archive
Blue Archive, the popular mobile RPG from Nexon, has launched a new event story that takes players to a tropical island full of mysteries and challenges. The event story, titled “Trinity Extracurriculars: In Search of Hidden Ruins,” features three new students who join the team of Sensei, the player’s character, as they explore the ancient ruins on the island.
Blue Archive

Meet the New Students in Swimsuits

The three new students who are introduced in the event story are Ui, Hinata, and Koharu, all from Trinity General School. They are all wearing swimsuits, which adds to the summer vibe of the event. They are also powerful allies in battle, each with their own set of unique skills and abilities.

  • Ui (Swimsuit) is a piercing-type striker who uses a sniper rifle and can move her allies to her position, giving them a boost in piercing effectiveness.
  • Hinata (Swimsuit) is an explosive-type striker who can deal massive damage to enemies in a circular area, ignoring up to 80% of their defense power.
  • Koharu (Swimsuit) is a student who can be recruited by advancing through the event story. She is a support-type healer who can heal and buff her allies, as well as debuff enemies.

Enjoy the Mini-Games and Rewards

The event story is not only about the adventure but also about the fun and rewards. As players progress through the story, they can participate in various mini-games that offer a variety of rewards. Some of the rewards include:

  • Event Points, which can be exchanged for Credit Points in the shop. Credit points can be used to buy items and enhance the skill levels of the students.
  • Elephs for Koharu (swimsuit), which can be used to improve her rank, and Unique Equipment.
  • A 10-free-recruitment ticket every day until Thursday, Feb. 8, plus an additional 20 on Wednesday, Feb. 7. This is part of the Free Recruitment x100 Event that Nexon has introduced for new players, which allows them to re-roll up to nine times when recruiting students.

Experience the Story and the Graphics

The event story is not only about the gameplay but also about the story and the graphics. The story is full of humor, suspense, and mystery, as Sensei and the students encounter various obstacles and surprises on the island. The graphics are also stunning, with vivid colors and detailed animations that capture the beauty and danger of the tropical setting.

The event story is available until Thursday, Feb. 15, and players can access it from the main menu of the game. Blue Archive is a mobile RPG that features a cast of over 60 students, each with their own personality and voice. The game combines strategic combat, school life simulation, and character development as players interact with the students and help them grow.

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