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PUBG Mobile 3.1 update brings Arabian Nights magic to Erangel

PUBG Mobile, the popular battle royale game, is celebrating its sixth anniversary with a major update introducing a new theme mode, weapon, and vehicle. The 3.1 update, which is currently in beta testing, transforms Erangel into a mystical world of Arabia
Nights, with stunning visuals, magical items, and exciting gameplay.


P90: A new airdrop weapon with armor-piercing ammo

One of the most anticipated features of the 3.1 update is the addition of the P90 submachine gun, which is exclusive to airdrops. The P90 uses special 5.7mm ammo that can pierce through armor, making it a powerful weapon for close-range combat. The P90 also has a built-in scope but does not support any other attachments. Players must be quick and lucky to get their hands on this rare and deadly weapon.

Arabian Nights theme mode: A visual makeover for Erangel

The 3.1 update also brings a new theme mode called Arabian Nights, which changes the appearance of Erangel to match the enchanting tales of the Middle East. The spawn island, the landmarks, and the buildings are all decorated with Arabian-style architecture, featuring pointed arches, ornate accents, and mosaic motifs. The characters also get new costumes to fit the theme. The Arabian Nights mode also has a night mode, which adds a new layer of challenge and suspense to the game, as players have to adapt to the dark and shadowy environment.

Genie Grenade and Aladdin’s Portal: Magical utilities for tactical gameplay

The Arabian Nights theme mode also introduces two new items that add a touch of magic to the game: the Genie Grenade and Aladdin’s Portal. The Genie Grenade is a throwable item that summons a genie who creates a protective shield around the player, blocking enemy bullets for a short time. The catch is that the player and the genie have to dance inside the shield, disabling their ability to fire. The Aladdin’s Portal is another throwable item that creates a portal that allows the player to teleport from one location to another. The portals can be placed strategically to escape danger, surprise enemies, or move across the map quickly.

Flying Carpet: A new vehicle that can glide or fly

Another highlight of the 3.1 update is the Flying Carpet, a new vehicle that can accommodate two players. The Flying Carpet can glide smoothly on the ground or fly in the air, depending on the mode selected by the driver. The Flying Carpet does not allow the driver to shoot, but the passenger can fire at enemies from the air. The Flying Carpet offers a versatile and fun way to travel and fight in Erangel.

Homeland Feature: Personalized gaming spaces for players

The 3.1 update also introduces a new feature called Homeland, which allows players to create and customize their own gaming spaces. Players can decorate their spaces with various items, such as furniture, plants, paintings, and more. They can also invite their friends to visit their spaces and interact with them. The Homeland feature is a way for players to express their personality and style, as well as socialize with other players.

Additional upgradable skins and exciting rewards

The 3.1 update also brings new upgradable skins for popular weapons, such as the M416, the AKM, and the Kar98k. The skins have different levels and effects and can be upgraded by using treasure maps and other items. The update also offers exciting rewards for players who participate in the sixth-anniversary celebration, such as anniversary coins, anniversary crates, and anniversary outfits.

The PUBG Mobile 3.1 update is expected to be released in March 2024, after the beta testing is completed. The update promises to bring a fresh and thrilling experience to PUBG Mobile fans, with a blend of magic and action in the Arabian Nights theme mode.

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