How Smart Earrings Could Revolutionize the Wearables Market?

Smart Earrings

Researchers from the University of Washington have developed a novel wearable device that can measure earlobe temperature and other health indicators in a discreet and fashionable way. The device, called the thermal earring, is a wireless sensor that attaches to the earlobe with a magnetic clip and can be customized with different designs. The thermal earring can detect changes related to stress, eating, exercise, and even ovulation, and it has a longer battery life than many existing wearables.

The thermal earring is the result of a study led by Qiuyue (Shirley) Xue and Yujia (Nancy) Liu, doctoral students in the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington. They wanted to create a wearable device that could overcome the limitations of smartwatches and rings, which are often unfashionable, bulky, uncomfortable, or inaccurate. They found that the earlobe is a better location for sensing skin temperature than the hand or wrist, as it is less affected by environmental factors and more reflective of the body’s core temperature.

Smart Earrings

A potential game-changer for health and wellness

The thermal earring can provide more insights into the user’s health and wellness, as earlobe temperature can vary depending on different physiological and psychological states. For example, the device can monitor stress levels by detecting changes in blood flow and skin conductance, which are linked to the sympathetic nervous system. It can also track eating habits by measuring the thermal effect of food, which is the increase in metabolic rate after eating. Furthermore, it can measure physical activity and energy expenditure by capturing the rise and fall of temperature during and after exercise. Additionally, it can estimate the user’s ovulation and menstrual cycle by detecting subtle changes in basal body temperature, which is not possible with current wearables.

The researchers tested the thermal earring on six participants and compared it with a smartwatch. They found that the earring was more consistent and accurate in measuring skin temperature during periods of rest, and showed promise for detecting temperature variations during different activities. They also found that the earring was comfortable and easy to wear, and did not interfere with the user’s daily routine.

A vision for a jewellery set for health monitoring

The thermal earring is not yet commercially available, but the researchers have ambitious plans for expanding its capabilities and applications. They are working on integrating heart rate and activity monitoring, as well as exploring possible sustainable power sources, such as solar or kinetic energy. They are also interested in creating other jewellery options, such as necklaces, bracelets or rings, that could work together with the earring to provide more comprehensive and effective health data.

“Eventually, I want to develop a jewellery set for health monitoring,” Xue said. “The earrings would sense activity and health metrics such as temperature and heart rate, while a necklace might serve as an electrocardiogram monitor for more effective heart health data.”

The thermal earring is a potential game-changer for the wearables market, as it combines fashion and functionality in a unique and innovative way. It could redefine how we monitor our health and wellness, and open up new possibilities for personalized and preventive care.

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