XCOM Legends to Cease Operations on May 7, 2024


In a surprising turn of events, XCOM Legends, the turn-based RPG developed by Iridium Starfish and published by 2K Games, is reportedly shutting down on May 7, 2024. The game, which made its debut through a soft launch in July 2021 for Android and later in March 2022 for iOS, failed to meet the expectations set by the iconic XCOM franchise.


The Rise and Fall of XCOM Legends

XCOM Legends promised players an immersive experience as they took command of XCOM, Earth’s last hope against the oppressive alien regime known as ADVENT. Humanity’s fate hung by a thread as the aliens unleashed a new, terrifying threat. The gameplay allowed players to engage in thrilling combat using a Gacha mechanic to summon hero units from salvaged alien technology. With 51 unique heroes to collect, players could spend resources to upgrade and fuse duplicate heroes. The game also offered both PvE and PvP adventures, including campaigns and bounty raids.

However, despite the franchise’s popularity, XCOM Legends failed to capture the magic of its predecessors, such as XCOM, XCOM Enemy Within, and XCOM 2. Initial reactions were lukewarm, and the bugs remained untouched for seven months. The lack of action from the development team led to player frustration, and many were on a spending strike. Consequently, the game’s store pages are now inactive, signaling its imminent demise.

The Silent Farewell

The announcement of XCOM Legends shutting down came as in-game news last month, but no official statement has been made on social media platforms. The silence surrounding the closure speaks volumes about the game’s fate. As the countdown to May 7 approaches, players bid farewell to a title that couldn’t live up to the legacy of the XCOM franchise.

While XCOM Legends may fade into gaming history, fans of the XCOM universe will continue to cherish memories of epic battles, tactical decisions, and the fight for humanity’s survival. As the final days draw near, players reflect on what might have been and wonder if another XCOM adventure awaits them in the future.

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