Cookie Run: Kingdom unveils new update with new characters and features

Cookie Run

Cookie Run: Kingdom, the popular role-playing game by Devsisters, is getting ready to launch its Version 5.1 update, titled “Theater of Lies,” on February 12th, 2024. The update will introduce new cookie characters, new episodes, new events, and more to the game. Here are some of the highlights of the upcoming update.

Cookie Run

Meet the new cookie characters

One of the main attractions of the update is the addition of a new epic cookie character, Mercurial Knight Cookie. He is a charge cookie who uses the power of mercury to deal area damage and poison enemies. He can also dispel debuffs and enter a special mode called Mercury Storm, where he becomes more powerful. He has a special synergy with Silverbell Cookie, who was introduced in the previous update.

Another new character is White Lily Cookie, who is a rare cookie that can heal allies and entangle enemies with vines. She is immune to some of the effects of the Beast-Yeast continent, where the new episode takes place. She also has a new mystic costume, along with Pure Vanilla Cookie, who was the first cookie to get a mystic costume in the game.

Mystic costumes are costumes with a special color theme that can only be equipped after obtaining the base costume. They are not available in the regular costume gachas but can be obtained through other means.

Explore the new episode: Theater of Lies

The update will continue the story of the World Exploration mode, where players can explore different continents and collect resources and rewards. The new episode is called Theater of Lies, and it follows the footsteps of White Lily Cookie, who is searching for the truth behind the mysterious theater. Players can collect her memory shards and complete the story collection as they progress through the episode.

The episode will also feature new enemies, new treasures, new toppings, and new quests to challenge the players. The episode will be available after the maintenance on February 12th, which will last from 14:00 to 19:00 (GMT +9).

Participate in the new events

The update will also bring some new events for the players to enjoy. One of them is the Lunar New Year event, where players can celebrate the festive occasion with cookies dressed in hanbok, the traditional Korean clothing. The Hanbok costumes are back in the game, and players can obtain them through the costume gacha or the event shop.

Another event is the Mercurial Knight Cookie’s Trial, where players can test their skills with the new cookie character and earn rewards based on their performance. The trial will be open for a limited time, so players should not miss this opportunity to try out the new cookie.

Check out the other additions and improvements

The update will also include some other additions and improvements to the game, such as:

  • New decor and kingdom designs for the players to customize their kingdoms
  • New shop items and packages for the players to purchase
  • Bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements for the game’s stability and performance

The update will also prepare the game for the upcoming Valentine’s Day event, which will be announced later.

The Version 5.1 update, Theater of Lies, is expected to bring a lot of new content and excitement to Cookie Run: Kingdom fans. The update will be available on February 12th, 2024, after the maintenance. For more details, players can check out the official website and social media accounts of the game.

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