Coach Welly and Gainful: The Innovators of Fitness and Wellness


The Connected Health & Fitness Summit 2024, held in Los Angeles, California, showcased the most innovative brands in the fitness and wellness industry. Among the winners of the prestigious Innovation Showcase were Coach Welly, a fitness engagement platform, and Gainful, a personalized nutrition brand.

How Coach Welly Boosts Gym Member Loyalty and Satisfaction

Coach Welly is an Australian health-tech platform that offers an app that rewards gym members with personalized tracking and gamification software. The app allows gym members to set goals, track their progress, earn points, and compete with other members. The app also integrates with wearable devices and gym equipment to provide real-time feedback and coaching.

The founder and CEO, Owen Bowling, said that the app aims to increase gym member retention and engagement by making fitness fun and rewarding. He added that the app also helps gym owners and trainers understand their customers better and offer them more value.

Coach Welly won the Innovation Showcase’s Fitness & Fitness Tech category, beating three other finalists: Lumin Fitness, Regen-Method, and Proteus Motion. The company has already partnered with World Gym Australia, one of the largest gym chains in the country, to implement its app in over 230 locations.


How Does Gainful Personalize Protein and Supplements for Every Customer?

Gainful is a direct-to-consumer wellness company that provides customized protein and supplements based on an online quiz. The quiz asks customers about their goals, preferences, lifestyle, and dietary restrictions, and then generates a personalized formula and flavor for each customer. The products are delivered monthly to the customer’s doorstep, along with access to a registered dietitian for ongoing support.

The co-founder and CEO, Dean Kelly, said that the company’s mission is to democratize personalized nutrition and make it accessible and affordable for everyone. He said that the company uses data and science to create products that are tailored to each customer’s unique needs and preferences.

Gainful won the Innovation Showcase’s Wellness category, beating three other finalists: Equa Health, FitBiomics, and LumosTech. The company has also secured an exclusive partnership with Target, one of the largest retailers in the US, to sell its products in over 1,000 stores nationwide.

The Innovation Showcase: A Platform for Celebrating and Inspiring Progress

The Innovation Showcase is a highlight of the Connected Health & Fitness Summit, a two-day event that brings together leaders from the top fitness and wellness brands. The summit features speakers, panels, workshops, and networking opportunities for industry professionals and enthusiasts.

The Innovation Showcase invites fitness and wellness brands to present their company and products on the main stage in front of an audience of over 300 industry leaders. A seven-person selection committee of industry experts from leading investment groups reviews and judges the applicants and selects eight finalists to compete for the title of the most innovative brand in their category.

The audience then votes for their favorite startup to win the “Audience Choice Winner” title. The winners receive recognition, exposure, and feedback from the industry’s best and brightest.

The Innovation Showcase is a testament to the creativity, passion, and impact of the fitness and wellness industry. It also serves as a source of inspiration and motivation for the next generation of innovators.

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