McDonald’s Acquires Israeli Restaurants from Controversial Franchisee Amid Boycotts


In a strategic move to regain market momentum, McDonald’s Corporation has announced the acquisition of its Israeli restaurants from longtime franchisee Alonyal Limited. The decision comes after a series of boycotts triggered by a controversial social media post, which had a significant impact on sales in the region.


Background and Acquisition Details

For over three decades, Alonyal Limited has successfully operated McDonald’s restaurants across Israel. However, the franchisee faced backlash in October when it publicly announced that McDonald’s would provide free meals to Israeli soldiers. This move sparked outrage in the Middle East and Muslim-majority countries, including Malaysia and Indonesia. The resulting boycotts affected sales not only in Israel but also in countries with large Muslim populations, such as France.

To reset sales and strengthen its foothold in the Israeli market, McDonald’s will take direct control of the 225 restaurants currently operated by Alonyal Limited. Financial terms of the deal remain undisclosed, but the acquisition is expected to be finalized within the next few months.

Commitment to Employees and Customers

McDonald’s President of International Developmental Licensed Markets, Jo Sempels, emphasized the company’s commitment to both employees and customers in Israel. The fast-food giant intends to maintain operations at the acquired restaurants, ensuring continuity for more than 5,000 employees. Sempels stated, “McDonald’s remains dedicated to the Israeli market and is focused on delivering a positive experience for our valued employees and customers.”

Navigating Conflict and Brand Impact

The ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues to cast a shadow over business operations in the region. McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski acknowledged the challenges posed by the conflict, saying, “So long as this war is going on, we’re not expecting to see any significant improvement.” He added, “It’s a human tragedy, and I think that weighs on brands like ours.”

Looking Ahead

As McDonald’s takes direct control of its Israeli restaurants, the company aims to navigate the delicate balance between business interests and geopolitical sensitivities. The acquisition represents a strategic move to address recent challenges while reaffirming its commitment to the Israeli market.

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Jennifer Dixon

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