Pokémon GO Raid Battles Schedule for April 2024


Pokémon GO enthusiasts, get ready for an action-packed April! Niantic has unveiled the raid battle lineup for this month, and trainers can look forward to challenging powerful Pokémon in various tiers. Whether you’re a seasoned raider or a newbie, here’s what you need to know about the upcoming raid battles.


Mega Raids: Charizard, Heracross, and Aggron

  1. Charizard (Mega X): From April 4 to April 13, prepare to face the fiery Mega Charizard X. Gather your team and take on this formidable opponent!
  2. Heracross (Mega): Starting April 13 until April 25, Mega Heracross makes its debut. This Bug/Fighting-type Pokémon packs a punch, so assemble your squad for an epic showdown.
  3. Aggron (Mega): Concluding the month, Aggron (Mega) will be available from April 25 to May 2. Steel yourself for this imposing Steel/Rock-type Pokémon.

5-Star Raids: Legendary Encounters

  1. Kartana: Battle against Kartana, the Ultra Beast Grass/Steel-type, from April 4 to April 12.
  2. Celesteela: Also available from April 4 to April 12, Celesteela, the Ultra Beast Steel/Flying-type, awaits daring trainers.
  3. Tapu Bulu: Starting April 12 and lasting until April 25, face Tapu Bulu, the Grass/Fairy-type guardian deity of Ula’ula Island.
  4. Registeel: Conclude the month by challenging Registeel, the Steel-type Legendary Pokémon, from April 25 to May 2.

3-Star Raids: Unique Pokémon Encounters

Prepare for exciting 3-star raids featuring the following Pokémon:

  • Exeggutor (Alolan): The palm tree-like Alolan Exeggutor awaits your challenge.
  • Weezing (Galarian): The smog-belching Galarian Weezing is ready for battle.
  • Gyarados: The mighty Water/Flying-type Gyarados is back in raids.
  • Snorlax: The sleeping giant Snorlax is stirring—don’t miss this encounter!

1-Star Raids: Easy Battles

For trainers seeking simpler raids, the 1-star tier offers accessible encounters:

  • Foongus: The mushroom Pokémon Foongus is waiting to be caught.
  • Klink: Gear up to face the Gear Pokémon Klink.
  • Tadbulb: The tadpole-like Tadbulb is making a splash.
  • Espurr: Psychic-type Espurr is ready to test your skills.

Remember, raid hours occur every Wednesday from 6 PM to 7 PM local time, providing an excellent opportunity to catch 5-star raid Pokémon in increased numbers. Tapu Lele, Kartana, and Celesteela are the featured Pokémon for upcoming raid hours.

Stay tuned for more Pokémon GO news and keep your Poké Balls at the ready—April promises thrilling battles and legendary encounters!

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