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Mobile Legends: What’s New in Patch 1.8.60?


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the popular action MOBA game, has released a new update on its advanced server. Patch 1.8.60 brings several changes to the game, including hero adjustments, new events, and quality-of-life improvements. Here are some of the highlights of the patch.


Masha Gets a Major Revamp

Masha, the Wild-Oats Fist, is one of the heroes who received a major revamp in this patch. The developers wanted to make her more suitable for leading the charge and fighting bravely in a crowd. To achieve this, they changed her passive skills to make her more resilient and powerful as she loses HP bars.

Masha’s passive now grants her reduced control effects and lower HP cost for skills when she has two HP bars left, and immunity to control effects and no HP cost for skills when she has one HP bar left. Her ultimate also resets its cooldown each time she loses an HP bar, allowing her to spam it in combat. Her special skill allows her to recover a full HP bar by spending 50 energy, which she gains by dealing damage and using her skill 1.

These changes make Masha a more formidable fighter who can survive longer and deal more damage in MLBB.

Chip and Helcurt Get Improved

Chip, the Time Traveler, and Helcurt, the Shadowbringer, are two other heroes who got some improvements in this patch. Chip’s skill 1 now has a longer enhanced basic attack range, and his ultimate now has a larger minimum distance between him and the connecting portals near allies. His special skill can only be used when not in combat, making him more strategic and less spammy.

Helcurt’s passive no longer grants him HP regen in stealth, but his skill 1 now deals more damage and has a faster cooldown decrease speed in stealth. His skill 1 also no longer terrifies creeps, making him less disruptive to the jungle. His skill 2 now has a higher damage bonus but a slower charge speed in stealth, balancing his burst and poke potential.

These improvements make Chip and Helcurt more enjoyable and effective to play in MLBB.

A new AllStar event is coming soon.

One of the most exciting features of this patch is the new ALLSTAR event, which will be coming soon to the regular server. This event will allow players to participate in various activities and earn rewards, such as skins, emotes, and tickets. The event will also feature a voting system where players can choose their favorite heroes and streamers to represent them in the ALLSTAR showdown.

The ALLSTAR event is a great opportunity for players to have fun, show their support, and win prizes in the MLB.

Quality of Life Improvements

The patch also includes some quality-of-life improvements, such as:

  • A new move and attack control mode makes the gameplay smoother and more responsive.
  • A new hero lock mode allows players to lock on a specific enemy hero and prioritize them in attacks.
  • A new hero selection interface makes it easier to browse and filter heroes by roles and attributes.
  • A new equipment adjustment system, which reduces the attack speed of all heroes except Irithel, Brody, Kimmy, Wanwan, and Leomord, changes the stats and builds paths of some items, such as concentrated energy and Oracle.

These improvements aim to enhance the user experience and the game balance in MLBB.


Patch 1.8.60 is a big update that brings a lot of changes and content to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Players who want to try out the new features can access the advanced server and give their feedback to the developers. The patch is expected to be released on the regular server soon, so stay tuned for more updates.

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